SIMULATELINE will be a software product for simulation / use of technology data. Instead of guessing what will happen if you make changes to your processes, you can use simulation to predict the impact of proposed changes without disrupting your current business environment.

Most organizations adopt process modeling and simulation as an integral part of business decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives. With wider acceptance of simulation, consumers are demanding tools that support a breadth of applications, scale to fit different needs through a project life cycle and integrate with corporate modeling and database systems. Customers using SIMULATELINE will be able to address these needs very effectively.

Key Features

  • Utilize the power of simulation to improve customer service.
  • Use of technology data.
  • Predict the impact of new business ideas, rules, and strategies before implementation.
  • Results & predictions without causing disruption to business or service to customers.


  • Avoid costly mistakes caused by implementing decisions based solely on intuition.
  • Design processes to withstand the uncertainty of system randomness and variability.
  • Reveal hidden value and eliminate wasteful bottlenecks in existing implementations and processes.
  • Maximize customer relationships through exceptional service and delivery.
  • Capitalize on new business opportunities.
  • Maximize profits.